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Sara Lindström Lindhe is a Swedish choreographer and artist working mainly with installation, performance and video. Through an expanded choreographic practice, her work explores social relations and tensions among bodies, space, sensory experiences, and social norms. 
Sara's practise incorporates interactive or participatory elements that negotiates authorship and activates a playful relation between its audience members, often combined with the use of tactile materials, objects, sound and images. Through this approach, she is interested in choreographed experiences for both adults and younger audiences, that can open up for journeys into the unknown, to be explored and defined together. In the processes of making work, she frequently collaborates with other artists from sound, film and visual arts.

Sara holds a Master of Fine Arts in the field of Choreography at Stockholm University of the Arts in 2018, with prior studies at Trinity Laban in London 2002-2005, and where she also was based until 2012.

Her work has been presented locally, nationally and internationally and in collaboration with organisations such as Greenwich Dance in London, Yorkshire Dance in Leeds, Dansens Hus in Oslo, WELD, MDT and Scenkonstmuseet in Stockholm, Monty Theatre in Belgium, Laban Theatre and The Place in London, Dance4 in Nottingham, Norrtälje Konsthall and Skissernas Museum. She has also produced several award-winning video works commissioned by SVT screened both nationally and internationally.





Autumn 2024 IASPIS artist residency at Konstnärsnämnden. 

August 2024 Participation/presentation at Tazmesse Internationale, Germany 
May 2024 Residency Dansplats Skog with Peter Mills 

TRÄDA, TRASSLA, TRÅDA ... the performance
17 February 2024 Laholms bibliotek

19 February 2024 Halmstad Arena

6-9 mars 2024 STEP festival, Kungsbacka Teater
19-21 mars 2024 Weld, Stockholm 


24-25 november 2023 DANCING ON MY OWN  videoinstallation/one-to-one performance at FLOCK Scendansfestival, Falun,

23 september- 25 november 2023 TRÄDA, TRASSLA, TRÅDA ...  Exhibition at Norrtälje Konsthall. with regular performances
Performances: 27/9, 30/9, 4/10, 11/10, 14/10, 18/10, 21/10, 25/10, 1/11, 8/11, 15/11, 18/11, 22/11. Click HERE for more info:


12-17 juni 2023 DANCING ON MY OWN  videoinstallation at Site-Specific festival, Farsta, Stockholm. Including the making of a new video on site. 

12-14 maj 2023 SONOTOPER  performance at Weld, Stockholm

20-31 mars 2023 Residency at Rum För Dans and Teater Halland for continued development of TRÄDA, TRASSLA, TRÅDA ...

14-15 February 2023 Choreography/movement directing for "Rörelsefantasier". Children's interactive movement films for UR, Sveriges Utbildningsradio AB. 

8-11 February 2023 DANCING ON MY OWN videoinstallation at Folk och Kultur, Eskilstuna 



5-11 December 2022 TRÄDA, TRASSLA, TRÅDA ... perfomanceinstallation at Weld, Stockholm. part of Weld@KIDS

16-17 September 2022 SONOTOPER Performance in collaboration with sound artist Jan Carleklev at FLOCK Scenkonstfestival 

June -December 2022 FÅR VI LOV? Sound editing and video for two interactive soundwalks by STADSRÖRA in collaboration with children in Norrtälje city.

October 2021-January 2022 RESESÄLLSKAPET a series of videoworks as part of the public art project STADSRÖRA.

1 June 2021 - spring 2023 Keeping Together in Time, audio-tactile installation as part of exhibition “Everybody Dance”.

Touring Scenkonstmuseet in Stockholm, Rockheim in Trondheim and Teatermuseet, Helsinki 2021-2022.

27 April-4 July 2020 Vart är vi på väg? Vad drömmer vi om? Vad Väntar vi på? Stadsröra public exhibition.

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