Sara Lindström is a choreographer based in Stockholm working interdisciplinary with installation, video, sound and performance. Her work often develops through situation or location-specific processes that plays with relations between bodies and space, and with a curiosity on how to re-formulate ideas of the internal/external or private/public body. Although her work often situates outside the theatre space, the theatre remains a principle context that she often refers to in both her film, installation and performance works - as a place to reinvent, reform and rethink potentials of the body and how we perceive of it.

CV and work history




17 October 2020 - August 2021 Keeping Together in TimeScenkonstmuseet as part of the exhibition “Everybody Dance”.

27 April-4 July 2020 Vart är vi på väg? Vad drömmer vi om? Vad Väntar vi på? Stadsröra public exhibition.

2 November 2019  Upp till dans screening at Stockholm Dansfilmfestival, Dansens Hus. 

24-26 October 2019  Dancing on my own, Ageless Festival, Leeds.

19-20 October Dancing on my own, Skissernas Museum as part of Mono festival of one-to-one performance, Lund.

24-25 August 2019 / Sonic Figures at Danshall Festival in Farsta, Stockholm.

28 June – 11 August 2019 “ena sidan Å andra sidan” by Stadsröra. Public artwork for Konst I Ån, Norrtälje Konsthall.