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Från latinets soʹnus 'ljud' och 

grekiskan toʹpos 'plats'


101: yes. - make yourself comfortable. 

102: Are you comfortable?
106: come closer 

107: aaaaaa 

108: haaaa

113: how close do you need to be 

145: to hear?

137: Sorry. 

137: Sorry. 

163: hmmm

197: should we try. the rainforest?


198: Let me help you 

199: can we do this together?

SONOTOPER is an interactive performance where the presence of the audience is central. In the work we get to meet "Sono", a virtual character who guides us into a peculiar soundscape, which comes into being through the encounter with the audience. 

By placing itself between the audience, the image and the sound, Sono creates an interstitial space that plays with and challenges our relationship to technology and surveillance, to each other, and between what is present and what is absent.


SONOTOPER is an ongoing exploration on listening and sounding. An ongoing curious search for what it is that defines the "human" in us and the possibilities and limitations of our senses. What, who or where is Sono and what can Sono help us see?


SONOTOPER is a collaboration between choreographer Sara Lindström Lindhe and sound artist Jan Carleklev.


Previous Performances:  

Weld in Stockholm 12-14 may 2023

FLOCK scendansfestival in Falun 16-17 September 2022:


With and by: Sara Lindström Lindhe and Jan Carleklev

Supported by Kulturrådet and Weld.

Residency support by MDT Moderna Dansteatern, stockholm. 

Dramaturge: Pavle Heidler

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