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SONOTOPER (2022/2023) is an interactive choreographic sound installation by choreographer Sara Lindström Lindhe and sound artist Jan Carleklev. The work experiments with sounding and listening as both an audible, physical, emotional and political activity. In the installation, the audience is invited to be part of an ever-changing and temporal choir through a ritual that they simultaneously give form to, but also are being formed by. Through this format of the choir, the work explore ideas around listening as a constant negotiation between the individual and the group, the internal and the external, reality and fiction and listening as a delicate balance between care and control. 


SONOTOPER will premiere at FLOCK scendansfestival in Falun 16-17 September 2022:


SONOTOPER will be presented at WELD in Stockholm in may 2023


With and by: Sara Lindström Lindhe and Jan Carleklev

Supported by Kulturrådet.

Residency support by MDT, stockholm. 

Dramaturge: Pavle Heidler

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