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Dancing on my own


2016 - ONGOING

Performance and videoinstallation

Dancing On My Own is a one-to-one performance ritual and a series of video portraits of 50 individuals dancing to their favorite song on camera. 


In the post-production phase, the original music is removed. By replacing the music with the participants' voices from interviews, in which each dancer describes and interprets what the spectator sees, the project evolves as an exploration of personal and collective conceptions and expressions of dance, as well notions upon the private and public and internal/external body.


Dancing On My Own is both a celebration and an exploration of the simplicity and intricate complexity of dance. Of what stories are uncovered when we make space for the dancing body and our individual and collective motivations for dancing. Using music as a starting point, it's a project that explores why it is so satisfying to move to our favorite song. What happens when we hear that song that makes us feel strength, vulnerability, liberation, invincibility, sadness or joy? What is the song that inspires change, gives our confidence a push, or takes us to a place beyond the present? What does the music we love do to us? The work opens up for that special state where movement and music, through the act of dancing, become one. A state where music, dance and dancers are given the space to tell stories about, for and through each other.

Dancing On My Own continues to be developed and toured to several locations/festivals as an accumulative series work since 2016 including:  Juncture Festival Leeds 2016, SVT Kortfilm (swedish television short film-version) Stockholm 2018, MONO Festival of one-to-one performance Lund 2019, Ageless Festival Leeds 2019, SITE/Specific Festival Stockholm 2023, FLOCK Festival in Falun 2023.

Participating festivals/filmversions in the series

Juncture Festival, Leeds 2016​, 14 min

Dancers: Ebere Igborgbor, Ewa Brejmak, Adris Asghar, Lydia Cottrell, Charlotte Relf, Wendy Hodge, David Jones, Carol & Alan Walker, Anthony Haddon, Adrian Nicolae, Paul Lidgard, Ines Soria-Turner, Fabiana Kvam, Emily Muirhead, Kath Morgan-Thompson, Amanda Drago, Sarah Clarke, Sara Allkins & Ella Mesma. 

Filming and postproduction: Sara Lindström Lindhe

Presented by: Juncture Festival/Yorkshire Dance at The Tetley Centre for Contemporary Art, Leeds. 

SVT Kortfilm (swedish television shortfilm-version), Stockholm, 2018, 9 min

Dancers: Leif Wenglert, Saga Ivéus Wenglert, Joel Kullberg, Emma Örnberg, Berith Stennabb

Filming: Sven-Åke Visén Editing: Sara Lindström Lindhe and Eva Tillberg. Sound and mix: Niklas Antonell. Grade: Joakim Olsson. Producer: SVT Helena Ingelsten. Co-production: Sveriges Television AB

MONO Festival of one-to-one performance, Lund 2019, 5.46 min 

Dancers: Kim Eun Jeong, Heo Seou hye, Oskar Sällström, Hyansil Kim, Eunji Shin, Bom Rhee.

Filming and postproduction: Sara Lindström Lindhe. 

Presented by: MONO Festival of one-to-one performance in Lund at Skissernas Museum. 

Ageless Festival, Leeds 2019, 10 min
Dancers: Orly Sela, Callum Holt, Stella Eldon, Namron OBE, Emma Abbey, Linda Loganathan, Kate Ormond, Cecilia Macfarlane.
Filming and postproduction: Sara Lindström Lindhe.
Presented by: Ageless Festival av Yorkshire Dance in Leeds

SITE/Specific Festival, Stockholm, 2023, 11.43 min

Dancers: Andréa Arlid, Gabriella Berggren, Rose Kaggiri, Salima Ledan, Miriam Löwenstein, Amélie Marmenlind.

Filming and postproduction: Sara Lindström Lindhe.

Presented by: SITE in Farsta. 

FLOCK Festival, Falun, 2023, 10.51 min 

Dancers: Boel Engkvist, Maja Höijer, Asadollah Lalehzari, Lea Lindgren, Ann Sjödén. 

Presented by: FLOCK / Dalateatern, Anna Öberg, Folkmusikens hus.  

DOMO 2020

DOMO is Supported by Konstnärsnämnden, Kulturrådet, Yorkshire Dance and Mono Festival.

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