(works 2005-2011)



Dancing on my own is a video installation that forms through a one-to-one ritual where people are invited to dance to their favorite song in front of the camera, followed by an audio interview. The original song is removed in the editing process and replaced by extracts from spoken interviews.

Dancing on my own explore what makes us move, in the most literal sense. It’s a work that celebrates the simplicity and complexity of dancing through dancing. The film portrays individual motives for dancing and how or why it activates a sensory creativity in each dancer. The dancing becomes a dialogue of the relation between the dance, the dancer, the music and the body, a dance that opens up for a multitude of layers.

Dancing on my own was first made in 2016 commissioned by Yorkshire Dance as part of Juncture Festival and curated by artist Gillie Kleiman. 


The first video of Dancing on my, was shot in Leeds during five days, where Sara meet with 20 individuals from Leeds, who responded to an open call-out to participate in the film. 
The film premiered at The Tetley Centre for Contemporary Art in Leeds in 2016 and has since continued to evolve into a series of films by touring to different locations in Sweden and the UK.  

The work was performed on the 15th and 16th of August 2009.

Choreography: Sara Lindström in collaboration with the dancers
Dancers: Rebecka Berchtold, Emelie Hed, Frida Kjäll, Ashley Serour, Tanja Eriksson.
Length: 45 min

Supported by: Norrtälje konsthall, kultur och fritid, kulturskolan and Stockholms läns landsting.